I am using FMOD for an audio/visual synthesizer

I need multichannel (> stereo) audio in and out,
with low latency, I would like to add this into FMOD in a portable
manner. ( i would code the ASIO2 input system myself )

I do NOT want to use the FSOUND_Record_StartSample path,
as I do not need to keep the sample data around, just pass it thru
to the output or perhaps do FFTS on it in RT, etc….

so I assume i just need to figure out where to sum it into FMOD’s output
bus. how would this best be done?

also is there any chance at getting a WDM Kernel Streaming IO Driver?

since my av synth is opensource, i need some method of getting this
into the main FMOD src release, do you accept code changes brett?



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