I have a case where I have one 3D sound source that I want to be affected by two different chains of DSP effects at the same time (which currently I have on a ChannelGroup). The first thing I tried, since a channel can only be in one ChannelGroup at once, is to use DSP::addInput() directly on the DSPHead unit of the channel, but the sound I got from that was not positioned in 3D. So I tried creating a DSP channel with just a mixer, using System::playDSP(). This seems like it should work, but the output of the mixer goes through an FMOD Resampler Unit before it reaches the DSPHead Unit. Apparently this causes the sound to play at twice the normal speed (although the pitch is unchanged).

Is there some setting that I’m missing, or some other way to accomplish what I’m trying to do? It’s not at all clear which part of the DSP network handles the 3D positioning.

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