I have a 3d game showing strange behavior.

when the game starts, In a few seconds I am unable to hear any 3D sounds.
If I keep moving my camera, I get to hear those sounds.

So I found out that setting different values for "set3DListenerAttributes"
makes the problem go away. (I gave random rotation for the front and up vectors).

However If i lowered the "hardware acceleration" slide bar in the dxdialog
the problem went away. (Is there a way to set this in the application?)

Should I assume that this is a hardware/driver issue?
Has an issue something like this reported before?

two PCs’ who showed this symptom had an on-board sound chips. (GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3/S3).
They both used windows XP.

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It could be a combination of 2 problems. What are you passing as the orientation vectors to set3DListenerAttributes? Are they perpendicular and unit length vectors? This is very important.
fmodexL version of the library will catch this problem and return FMOD_ERR_INVALID_VECTOR

Not passing the right vectors is probably making the driver fall over, but i’d recommend using FMOD_SOFTWARE when creating sounds in future to avoid 3d hardware driver issues.

In future versions of FMOD we are going to remove hardware 3d sound support totally.

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