I was wondering what the best way is to organize the project files using fmod designer. I like to have an individual person in charge of each category of sound data. For example…

Sound Effects Guy – SFX bank
Music Guy – Music bank
Dialog Guy – Dialog bank

I can see how in FMOD designer it’s possible to have each of these as separate banks in a single FMOD project file. But I can see how it will be difficult if 3 people are trying to edit the same fmod project file. Is there something I don’t know here?

I’m assuming this is why workspaces exist, so that each of these banks are actually in their own project file. This would mean each person can edit their own project file and not step on each others toes. Yet, they would be able to see the data that the others are creating by opening the single workspace file.

I was hoping some of you out there could shed any light on this, and if there is a better way of doing it that takes advantage of fmod’s abilities.


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