We use plugin-like system, where each subsystem (graphic, game, network etc.) is placed in different DLLs. Sound system, which uses FMOD is also placed to DLL.

Using MS Application Verifier 4.0, we have discovered that unloading fmodex.dll causes following "failure":


VERIFIER STOP 00000201: pid 0xF80: Unloading DLL containing an active critical section.
100C9724 : Critical section address.
00AB4F58 : Critical section initialization stack trace.
05F42FEA : DLL name address.

10000000 : DLL base address.

Memory at provided DLL name address contains string "fmodex.dll"

When we used fmodex.dll in normal ‘exe’ module, failures were not occured.

Test VC++9.0 project, that reproduces this bug is here: http://www.demiurghg.com/FMOD_bug.zip

This bug occurs on both Win Vista 32 and 64.
Also, we had tested it on Realtec cards and M-audio (but I think that it does not matter) and got the same results.

We use FMod v. 4.26.

Thanks beforehand :)

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hi demiurghg, welcome to the forums.

Thanks for the report, I have found a problem and the fix will be included in our next release which should be in the next few days.


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