I’m trying to add a programmer sound event to our project.
The event is connected to an empty Sound Definition that is a programmer sound.

After doing this, and rebuilding the project, I noticed some strangeness in the generated .h file.

The programmer event (which happened to be unique ID 11) is not in numerical order in the .h file with all the other project-unique IDs.
Rather there is a gap between events 10 and 12, and then event 11 shows up between 168 and 169. (the order seems to correspond to the ordering of event sub groups)

While this looks a bit strange, I wouldn’t care as long as things still worked. But now, many event IDs seem out of sync with event they are supposed to play.

i.e. I watch on a breakpoint as an even is played with the "footsteps" event ID, and the number matches the number in the .h file for the "footsteps" event, yet the sound I actually hear played is 1 off that sound.

Are there any known bugs/issues in this regard?
Any know how I might address the problem?

Thanks in advance

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There are currently no known bugs with the generated header file. It is not unexpected for the event IDs to appear out of order. The symptoms you describe (wrong sound playing for certain event IDs) sounds like your FEV file could be out of sync with your FSB file. Can you try rebuilding your whole project (i.e. including all wave banks) to see if that fixes the issue?

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