While being in paused mode with:
<pre>FSOUND_Stream_SetPaused(mStream, pauseBool);</pre>
I set the time with:
<pre>FSOUND_Stream_SetTime(mStream, newTime);</pre>
But still it seems like:
…returns the old time. I’m not saying it can’t be my fault but I think this is a bug… maybe I missed something on the website or documentation but I can’t find anything about it…

Thanks for the best player I’ve ever had my hands on… except for this of course ;D

Albert Sandberg

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Great, thanks!

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I ve encountered the same probleme but resolved it by using FSOUND_Set_Position.
First, calculate the current position :

pos = (Slider_Position / Slider_Width_Area) * FSOUND_Stream_GetLength(STRM).

Pos must be recalculated each time it move.

Then, just call FSOUND_Stream_SetPosition(STRM, pos).

When Seeking = FALSE, u can then call FSOUN_GetTime.

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