By chance, I was listening to audio coming from one of the line-ins on my sound card and noticed that whenever I initialize Fmod, the audio from the line-ins get a strange echo/reverb type effect. Audio from Fmod and other programs on my machine are unaffected. Just the inputs on the sound card.

I came across this problem with an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro with latest drivers ([url=http://support.creative.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?catID=1&subCatID=205&prodID=4925&prodName=Audigy%202%20ZS%20Platinum%20Pro&subCatName=Audigy&CatName=Sound+Blaster:3j1x72d9]2.18.0011[/url:3j1x72d9]) from Creative under Win XP.

To make sure it was not just my app I ran the Fmod example applications (ones that came with the Fmod 4.26.02 win32 api installer) and it occured with all of them. I tested some different output types and found that it does not occur with FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WINMM but it occurs with both FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_DSOUND (default on windows of course) and FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_OPENAL. I am currently leaning towards the drivers being at fault, but other apps that use OpenAL or DirectSound do not cause this problem. Any idea as to what is causing this to happen? I might try to use some older versions of the sound card drivers to see if there is any difference.

One additional side effect is that the EAX controls in the creative audio console get canned.

Before initializing Fmod the EAX controls work fine (I never have turned on any EAX effects, but I went there to see what was up when the input audio messed up):

After initializing Fmod the eax controls show up with nothing and clicking on ‘effect amount’ slider causes the audio console to become unresponsive and has to be force quit (I would guess because no presets are listed or selected):

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