I’m trying to use interleaved FSB sounds for our game engine Interactive Music. I don’t have any problem interleaving the sounds using FSBank. When I play an interleaved sound made of two aiff, I get this from the FMOD log:

[quote:1zvb8zu5]FMOD: SystemI::createSoundInternal : Create as FMOD_CREATESTREAM
FMOD: System::createSoundInternal : decode buffersize = 7936 : blocksize = 256 : format = 2
FMOD: SystemI::createSample : mode 000100a2 length 7936 samples, lengthbytes 17921992
FMOD: SystemI::createSample : subsamples = 1, channels = 4
FMOD: SystemI::createSample : subsample 0. output = 00F7F850
FMOD: SystemI::createSample : use hw
FMOD: OutputDSound::createSample : length 7936, channels 4, format 2, mode 000100aa[/quote:1zvb8zu5]

Which, I suppose, is the right number of channels since both aiff are stereo sounds. I can then hear the first sound but if I try to switch channel using Channel::setSpeakerLevels, I can’t get any other channel to play. Am I using the right function, or am I doing this wrong?

We are using FMOD 4.24.05.

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you are using FMOD_HARDWARE, which doesnt allow setSpeakerLevels.
Try FMOD_SOFTWARE instead.

Also you could instead load your sound using FMOD_SPEAKERMAPTYPE_ALLSTEREO then just use Channel::setInputChannelMix instead of setSpeakerLevels.

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