we are having an "EXC_BAD_ACCESS" crash when using the function FMOD_Sound_Release on a streamed sound with .ogg files.

Our program is playing multiple ogg files sequentially as a music stream. Each transition is made using a crossfade between two files. We also have multpiple 3d sounds (.wav files) playing simultaneously.

Here is the stack trace for the crash:

0 0x000bd674 in vorbis_synthesis

1 0x000bdf08 in _fetch_and_process_packet

2 0x000c01b0 in ov_read

3 0x00070004 in FMOD::CodecOggVorbis::readInternal

4 0x0005398c in FMOD::Codec::read

5 0x000a6110 in FMOD::SoundI::readData

6 0x000a7218 in FMOD::SoundI::read

7 0x000a4268 in FMOD::Stream::fill

8 0x0004d7c4 in FMOD::ChannelStream::updateStream

9 0x000a996c in FMOD::SystemI::updateStreams

10 0x000b1674 in FMOD::Thread::callback

11 0x31d705a8 in _pthread_body

The stack trace is not always the same but it’s always related to the OggVorbis functions…


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Would you be able to e-mail a simple test application with the problem ogg file(s) to support@fmod.org so we can take a look at your issue?

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