Hey all,

I learned early on this year that Linear is the easiest mode of 3d attenuation to use, since the Logarithmic one has some minimum clamping behaviour that I find very confusing.

At first I thought that linear didn’t actually sound all that great: it has a sudden ramp near the max distance, and very subtle attenuation close to the minimum distance. I’d prefer something more even.

After a few months, plenty more sounds and tweaking things in our game, I’m totally convinced that there has to be a way that sounds better than linear.

If I recall correctly from some more my acoustics classes at university, sound attenuates (in far field) according to the "inverse square law". eg: when you double the distance (x 2.0) you quarter (x 0.25) the sound pressure level at that point.

I made up a spreadsheet with some graphs of alternatives to the linear model. (can’t see a way to attach to forum, so I posted it here:

http://rapidshare.com/files/271606958/s … .xlsx.html

Anyone interested in at least hearing what some of these other distance-attenuation curves sound like?


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Yes, me!

A simple equal power curve, rather than the linear equal gain curve, would get a lot of use here. As long as it followed the same laws linear currently does (ie silent at max distance, loudest at min distance, with equal power curve in between).

For sure. Would be great. Especially if it could still be classed as a simple event.

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