Im having an issue with something thats happening in the designer that causes all sounds and one category to not load properly. BAsically my issue is that there are three event categories, master, music, and sound_FX. I have multiple events under the sound_FX category and 2 under the music category, none directly under the master. For some reason when i load in the sound_FX category i get FMOD_ERR_EVENT_NAMECONFLICT, bu i cant seem to find and events with the same name in the project. In the documentation it says "FMOD_ERR_EVENT_NAMECONFLICT – A category with the same name already exists."

The issue is this is actually impossible, because i have 1 project loaded with only 3 categories, all named completely different things. I really can’t see why i would get this error. Clean and rebuild doesn’t do anything either.

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