Hi there,

We modified the simple_event example to start one of our events very often. It crashes with some of our Soundcards on our Development-Machines. We have the same crash in one of our projects on that machines/soundcards.

We tested it with similar results with versions:


In Version 4.26.00 the crash is in fmodex.dll!00418194

Unhandled Exception at 0x00418194 reading at 0x000000d4

Disassembler, ecx is 0

00418194 D9 81 D4 00 00 00 fld dword ptr [ecx+0D4h]


Realtek High Definition Audio
SigmTel High Definition Audio CODEC

We very much appreciate your help in this issue.
Thanks in advance.


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The solution for you will be to go to your wavebank settings and set "Force Software" = "yes" for every wavebank.
New versions of designer will have this enabled by default. The issue is drivers/directsound hardware support so we’re phasing this out.

Our nextmulticore engine that we’re working on totally removes hardware support (vista/windows 7 already did this ahead of us anyway :) its just XP that retains HW support).

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