I understand that if you pass FSOUND_UNMANAGED as the mode-parameter to FSOUND_Sample_Load() the memory allocated for the sample structure returned will not be freed or destroyed after an FSOUND_Close(), nor an FSOUND_Init()?

The problem occurs when I restart FMOD by calling FSOUND_Close() and then FSOUND_Init() (It would be a nice feature to have an FSOUND_Restart() for games that would like to reinitiate the sound system).

However, when I try to play the sample after I’ve "restarted" FMOD I try to play the sound once again and the program crashes.

I use FMOD 3.33 for Visual C++ 6.0 under Windows 2000 (though I’ve had the same problem under Windows Me). The sound in question is a wav-file.

— pelle

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