I have noticed that when a parameter has a negative minimum value, that the "length" attribute for sounds on layers does not make sense.

eg: two sounds split evenly on a layer.

Parameter min = 0.0
Parameter max = 1.0
Sound1.position = 0.0
Sound1.length = 0.5
Sound2.position = 0.5
Sound2.length = 0.5


Use a negative value:

Parameter min = -1.0
Parameter max = 1.0
Sound1.position = -1.0
[color=red:3osyyoxx]Sound1.length = 0[/color:3osyyoxx] <= expected 1.0
Sound2.position = 0.0
[color=red:3osyyoxx]Sound2.length = 0.0[/color:3osyyoxx] <= expected 1.0

I’ve got a bug where I can’t actually test the parameter in game yet, but I assume it’ll work and it’s just a display bug in Designer…?

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Hi Matt,

I’ve repro’d the issue and it has been fixed for our next release. Yeah, this only affects designer.


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Actually, this seems to have come back again in FMod Studio. Negative parameters will offset the parameter scrollbar at the top in FMod Studio 1.07.03. Hm.

And as you try to use negative parameters in your exe, they start spawning off virtual voices that are never recovered (leading to dropped sounds in the longer run).

  • Graeme Webb

    FMOD Studio 1.07.04 has a fix for the incorrect display of parameters that have negative values.

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