We’ve run into a wierd bug where sometimes a channel stops playing yet reports that it is still going. Specifically, the sound stops, getPosition doesn’t change, getplaying returns true, getPaused returns false, getFrequency returns the expected 44100, getMute returns false, getVirtual returs false. All sounds are 2d, software, non-looping.

  • The channel was given priority 0 (the highest, right)? A handful of other songs play randomly, but all the default priority.

  • After the game gets into this state other sounds can be played by calling PlaySound, etc.

  • We are calling FMOD_System_Update regularly.

  • These FMOD threads are alive:

FMOD (WASAPI) feeder thread
FMOD mixer thread
FMOD stream thread (though we aren’t streaming anything?)

  • Turned on logging but nothing interesting appeared in fmod.log.

Any ideas as to what could cause this channel to get into this wierd state? It seems like sometimes when this occurs I notice FMOD mixer thread isn’t running, but I don’t think every time.

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FWIW, as best as I could tell it was occurring because I was attaching and removing a DSP from the channel too rapidly.

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