When getting tag data from a wma file, I only get one tag field (I ignore most, but I still should get at least 2 more). The field I get claims to be Ansi and is stripped to 12/13 chars (just before real unicode characters are encountered) but should be Unicode with 38 chars. (mostly tested with FMODEx, 4.29.00)
I opened with a hex editor, and the data is 2 bytes per character (so very likely UTF-16)

I don’t know much about the original wma, but it already had some metadata. I updated the metadatas with Winamp with real unicode characters, something arabic, russian and asian I guess – the asian chars cannot be displayed properly on my current test system (squares shown instead) but that is of no further concern.
Tested with Winamp, Foobar and VLC, and all can handle the metadata properly.

File can be found:

BTW, FMOD (3.75) seems to have the same problem.
BTW, version info resource on all recent FModEx releases always show 4.23.0

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Thanks for the info, I just took at look at the file you provided and reproduce what you are seeing. Looking at the code it seems we are just converting the wide char data into single char. I will put a fix in so it will return the appropriate data if it is 2 bytes per character.

Keep an eye out for the fix in our next release.

Also I will look into the version problem, thanks.

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