Dear FMOD team,
I am using FMOD for academic research purposes and I have some questions concerning 3D sound positioning. My aim is to represent a point (punctual) sound source either moving on a virtual surface or in a 3D space. I tested everything with my equipment and mainly using the set3DAttributes function and everything works fine. But I need to make perceptual studies , so I am wondering which physical constraints determine the coefficients assigned by this function to each speaker (I used the QUAD speaker setup).

Is it possible to know that?

As a researcher, what is the minimum fee I would need to spend to access the source code, so that I can modify the physcal constraints by myself? In this case, would it be possible to modify inter-channels delays together with amplitudes?

What speaker configuration you would suggest to make people correctly detect a sound source on a virtual square screen, generated by four speakers in the four corners?

Thank you

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