I’ve been working with the Sample Bank Generator for some time now, using it to produce a FSB of around 10000 sounds and taking the C header to organize the sounds in a system we have.
Up until recently I never bother to check the C header because there were 10000 defines and I assumed that they would be all correct but I have just discovered that if I have sound with a file name more than 30 characters long, I get random output in the C header when it comes to the #define

For example: If I have a sound which is called,
I would expect to get this #define
[code:1xobt9cg]#define THIS_IS_MY_RANDOM_LONG_SOUND_EXAMPLE_11 1005[/code:1xobt9cg]
instead, I am getting results like:
[code:1xobt9cg]#define THIS_IS_MY_RANDOM_LONG_SOUND_E__ 1005[/code:1xobt9cg] or
[code:1xobt9cg]#define THIS_IS_MY_RANDOM_LONG_SOUND_ER_ 1005 [/code:1xobt9cg]or
[code:1xobt9cg]#define THIS_IS_MY_RANDOM_LONG_SOUND_E_Z 1005[/code:1xobt9cg] etc

And to make matters worse, if I have a lot of the same filename with the only difference being the number on the end of the file, eg.
[code:1xobt9cg]#define THIS_IS_MY_RANDOM_LONG_SOUND_EXAMPLE_01

define THIS_IS_MY_RANDOM_LONG_SOUND_EXAMPLE_99[/code:1xobt9cg]

I seem to get output like this
[code:1xobt9cg]#define THIS_IS_MY_RANDOM_LONG_SOUND_E__ 1005

define THIS_IS_MY_RANDOM_LONG_SOUND_E__ 1022 [/code:1xobt9cg]

To solve this problem I have had to write my own parser to scan the folder and output the names correctly.

My question is this, is this bug know about and is there a plan to fix it?

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