Hello all,

I’m not sure I understand the difference between System->getSpectrum() and Channel->getSpectrum(). So for both methods we have as parameters:
[code:3nm8aqhl] float * spectrumarray,
int numvalues,
int channeloffset,
FMOD_DSP_FFT_WINDOW windowtype[/code:3nm8aqhl]

I think I understand for Channel->getSpectrum(): I have for instance a song.mp3, for which I can specify channeloffset=0 or 1, according to how I want the LEFT or RIGHT soundchannel (in a STEREO sound).

But how does this work for System->getSpectrum():
song1.mp3 – FMOD Channel 1
song2.mp3 – FMOD Channel 2

If I specify a channeloffset=0 here, does that mean "the combined LEFT sound channel of all songs playing"?

Can anybody please tell me if I got it right or, if not, explain? Thank you!

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Yes System/Group get Spectrum/WaveData will be a combination of all playing sounds in the system/group.

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