I can build an FSB for a character in my game where that FSB contains both sound effects (that do not need localisation) and dialogue (which does).

I have set the primary language to English with the Wavebank Filename prefix to "en\". All the sound effects are sourced from a main sound asset directory, and the english files to localise are in a "en" subdirectory of that.

English builds fine.

When I switch to French, having set the Filename Prefix to "fr\" all of a sudden the non-localised sound effects cannot be found.

Why is it that it finds them in the main directory with the prefix "en\" but not in the main directory with the "fr\" prefix.

I assumed that the prefix would be substituted; for example:

[b:nljytfj0]english -> french[/b:nljytfj0]
sfx_footstep -> sfx_footstep
en\hello -> fr\hello

Is this a bug? Or am I just not understanding how localisation in Fmod Designer works?

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