in my project (8 tracks sequencer), i want to make short loops on a file.

Here is the sample example i’m working on :

I’ve tried two way :

-setLoopPoints : It’s not my favorite solution because i can’t make all kind of loop i want (for example, playing the 2 last seconds of the sample, then the 2 first, and jumping again to the 2 last seconds…avoiding the middle of the sample).
Anyway, i’ve got a problem when i’m trying really short loops. The first loop is too long. (example : [url:1nq67yhl]http://dl.free.fr/pqg3bD426[/url:1nq67yhl] )

-addSyncPoint : Could be a good solution. When i reach my sync point, my FMOD_CHANNEL_CALLBACKTYPE_SYNCPOINT is triggered, then i perform a channel.setPosition to the start position. It works well, but sometimes, there is a little glitch, like if setposition is called too late. (example : [url:1nq67yhl]http://dl.free.fr/p50Uo0ZT6[/url:1nq67yhl] )

Any idea to help me?
I really need to have a perfect synced loop.

Many thanks!

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i’ve added other host for sound examples :




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