I’m newbie with adding new libraries like I haven’t never done this before, and I’m using Borland 5.01, so could someone help me to get started? My teacher never showed me about this.

please let me know

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What exactly do you want to do?

If you’re just asking how to use a new library, well then that’s not too hard. I don’t use Borland, so I can’t give you specific advice, but what you want to do is add fmod to the list of files being linked during compilation. I emagine you add something like “-lfmod” to the command line sent to the compiler/linker, but again, since it’s borland, I’m not sure on the specifics. Check your compiler/IDE’s documentation on how you add files to be linked.

You’ll have to be sure to put the fmodbc.lib file in your compiler’s library directory. (I’m assuming the ‘bc’ stands for ‘borland compiler’?)

Once you’ve figured out the above, just include “fmod.h”… Use quotes if the fmod.h file is in the same folder as your code, and use <fmod.h> (with the little arrow dealies) if it’s in your compiler’s include directory.

Anyway next and final step is to make sure the fmod.dll file is in the same folder as your executable OR the windows system folder. Probably best if you just put it in the same place as the executable, though.

What you do from there is up to you and what you want FMOD to do for you, but you should be ready to use it. :-)

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ok, I have copied all the header files and the lib to borland directory, but I still got these errors in the compile from the fmod.h:
Info :Compiling D:\prog\fmodtest.cpp
Error: fmod.h(668,47):Declaration syntax error
Error: fmod.h(669,47):Multiple declaration for ‘_stdcall’
Error: fmod.h(668,47):Earlier declaration of ‘_stdcall’
Error: fmod.h(669,47):Declaration syntax error
Error: fmod.h(670,46):Multiple declaration for ‘_stdcall’
Error: fmod.h(669,46):Earlier declaration of ‘_stdcall’
Error: fmod.h(670,46):Declaration syntax error
Error: fmod.h(671,51):Multiple declaration for ‘_stdcall’
Error: fmod.h(670,51):Earlier declaration of ‘_stdcall’

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