We just updated to the stable versions of the API and Designer (4.28.07) and we’ve been having strange playback issues when an FSB has files with various sample rates.
I first noticed it with the music (using interactive system-streaming).
Here’s a description:
First track that plays is 44.1 kHz and is set to loop: it starts halfway in the middle of the track and plays fast (higher pitch). Then instead of looping when it’s done it switches to the next track in the FSB (which is 48 kHz) and plays that track slow (lower pitch).
It’s as if the FSB header gets corrupted due to the differing sample rates and offsets the start and end point of the track into the next track. As well, it confuses the sample rates for the two tracks.
This also occurs with an FSB that is set to load into memory and has many small clips with various sample rates.

Thanks in advance.

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