I am currently writing the SoundManager for the new 3D engine which the company I work for is developing. Not being a sound guy, I was obviously thrilled when I convinced my boss that using FMOD would save the company time and $ (we develop for multiple platforms including consoles)…

Anyway, I have 3 questions for [b:3mvuf4hs]God[/b:3mvuf4hs]… a.k.a [b:3mvuf4hs]Brett[/b:3mvuf4hs]:

[b:3mvuf4hs][u:3mvuf4hs]Question #1:[/u:3mvuf4hs][/b:3mvuf4hs]
First of all, IF we actually do decide to license FMOD for our future games, I will need to know just a little bit about the way the pre-allocated buffer system for FMOD works. Specifically, I need to know how efficient the algorythm for managing this chunk of memory within FMOD is. I also need to know how this system deals with the fragmentation of this memory. Will it have difficulty managing a full buffer with data constantly being swapped in/out of it?

[b:3mvuf4hs][u:3mvuf4hs]Question #2:[/u:3mvuf4hs][/b:3mvuf4hs]
Also, relating to this first question, I need to know the approximate overhead for each F_Sample and F_Stream created in this buffer. We are hoping to allow FMOD to “cache” samples for us. Meaning, we want to be able to fill it’s memory pool up with all the sound data we can fit right at the beginning. We will need to save some space within this buffer for the streaming of sound’s which don’t fit in the cache. This was only a preliminary and “lazy” :) way of allowing FMOD to do most of my work for me.

[b:3mvuf4hs][u:3mvuf4hs]Question #3:[/u:3mvuf4hs][/b:3mvuf4hs]
I didn’t notice any support for FMOD’s occlusion culling of sounds if given the world geometry. I remember seeing functions supporting this in older versions of the FMOD.dll. Has this feature been scrapped, or or changes being made for it’s bug free release in FMOD v4.0?

Anyway, any answers to these questions would be [i:3mvuf4hs]GREATLY[/i:3mvuf4hs] appreciated. Brett, if you’d prefer to email your reply to me instead… my email is genmokai@yahoo.com .

Thank you,
Bill Farkle

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Thanks Brett!

FMOD seems really groovy. FMOD 4.0 sounds interesting also… I’ll send you an email about being added to the “invite only” area. 8)

Thanks again,

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