Hello !
Firs sorry for my poor english, I’m French : )
I wanna make a particular audio player
It will be used to play drum sample when I make dates with my music band
It must be able to wait keyboard event to launch next sample, to launch it automatiquely and to play some sample together (for make transition between 2 song for example, so it must be played accurately)

The total playlist will be named "sequence" and a set of song that must be played without wait for keyboard event will be name a "phase")

So a sequence is something like that :


song2 and song3 are in the same phase, so no need to hit a key to make song3 start (it start before song2 end anyway)

When my sequence loading, I want (to make navigation inside the phase easier and be sure that the tracks will be always synchronized) make a merge with song 2 and 3 and use this merge to play the 2 songs as a single sound

I have in the idea to make something like that :
– insert silence at the begin of song3 to make start it at the good time
– create an unique sound with song2 and song3 (with the silence at the begin of sound3)
or maybe directly make a merge of the sounds with a start time for the 2 songs (if it’s possible to do that)

I wanna know it all that is possible before starting development.
Maybe my idea of merge is not a good idea, if better way exits (that is not make development too long or complicated), tell me please !

Thanks a lot !

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