What’s new: (so far..)
[:mhopazlk] + Add asynchronous I/O support. FMOD_FILE_ASYNCREADCALLBACK now allows user to defer file reads from file callbacks to a later time, rather than satisfying fmod read requests on demand. Great for streaming world engines.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + Add pan slide command support for modplug created .it files.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + Add FMOD_TIMEUNIT_PCMFRACTION, for DSP accuracy purposes.
[:mhopazlk] + Wii – Added NMIC recording support[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + Wii – Added FMOD_Wii_NMIC_GetLastError.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ Wii – Added FMOD_INIT_WII_DISABLEDOLBY init flag to default to stereo even if surround is selected in the Wii system menu.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + Win32 – Added LADSPA plugin support (see http://www.ladspa.org/)[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + iPhone – Added ability to specify whether AudioQueue codec sounds are decoded using hardware or software via the new FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO member extracodecdata.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ iPhone – Added the ability to duck the iPod at runtime, see fmodiphone.h for new functionality.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ iPhone – Added ability to force the ‘mixable’ state of an an audio session that doesn’t usually permit mixing with other audio. See fmodiphone.h for new parameter and function.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ iPhone – Added support for FMOD_ACCURATETIME with codec AudioQueue. This will give accurate file lengths and fast seek times at the cost of scanning the file at create time.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ iPhone – added forceMixWithOthers member to extradriverdata to force mixing with the iPod when in "playandrecord" or "mediaplayback" session category.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ iPhone – replaced init extra driver data parameter for checking if other audio is playing with a function that can be called any time.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ PSP – Optimised software mixer.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ PSP – Optimised software mixer for GCC build (previous release was SNC build).[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk]+ linux – added new PulseAudio native output mode. Output mode auto detection will now pick PulseAudio if it’s available, otherwise it will try ALSA, otherwise it will fallback to OSS.
[:mhopazlk] + Event API – Reduced memory usage and allocation count in EventSystem::load[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + Event API – add FMOD_EVENT_PROJECTINFO and EventProject::getInfo[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + Event API – Readded concept of ‘systemid’ which was removed from 4.31.03[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + Event API – Allow EventSystem::preloadFSB to take an FSB name without the ‘.fsb’ extension to make it easier to match with FMOD_EVENT_WAVEBANKINFO.[/:m:mhopazlk]
[:mhopazlk] + Event API – Reduced fragmentation with EventSystem::load and reduced overall memory usage per project.[/:m:mhopazlk][/list:u:mhopazlk]

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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