Dear All,

I have the following questions:
I’m going to create server/client(sound player) with poor connection (probably 20-30kbps). Due to the connection speed is poor, in FMOD Ex v.4.30:
FMOD_SOUND *sound;

result = FMOD_System_CreateSound(system, "x.x.x.x:80\sound.wav", FMOD_HARDWARE | FMOD_2D | FMOD_CREATESTREAM | FMOD_NONBLOCKING, 0, &sound);

result = FMOD_System_PlaySound(system, FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE, sound, FALSE, &channel);

The code will start to download the "sound.wav" from the server and also play it at the same time. However the playing process always stuck and STARVING.

I am looking for the way to solve this problem, by simply download the "sound.wav" from the server and store it in a temporary buffer(client memory) before calling FMOD_System_PlaySound.

Could you guys point me to the right spot?

Thank you,


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