Searching on this subject in the forums I just found information on how to handle loop points defined with markers using plain FMOD EX (channels and such), but not with the event system.

I was wondering if there is any way to use markers (set by the sound designer with his tools) to construct loops inside events.

To test this I have an audio file with 2 markers, and thus, 3 sections are defined. Intro, loop and end. I’d like to play the intro, then loop in the section inside the markers. Of course, I can obtain this sort of behavior using sustain points and keyoff signals, but the sound designer would like to define the loop points using his audio tools.

I’ve noticed that a FMOD_EVENT_CALLBACKTYPE_SYNCPOINT is triggered when playing the event and the first marker is reached. But how can I make the event loop from the second marker to the first one?

Thanks in advance and I hope I’m not asking something already anwered.

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set loop points inside the tool like sound forge,
then set the sound to ‘loop and play to end’ in the sound definition instance (right click on the sound def box in the event editor to get sound def instance properties).

This will still need an event with a timeline and a sustain point though, because calling stop would kill the whole event, so you need a differen behaviour, you want a sustain point inside the sound def so that it just play the intro and loop, then a keyoff to have a time parameter leave the box and allow the loop exit to happen.

The time parameter would be set to ‘one shot and stop event’ so that when the parameter hit the end , it would kill the event.

This means you need a gap between the end of the sound def box and the end of the event to allow the sound tail to play beofre the event is killed.

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Hi Brett,

Thanks for the response, but I’m affraid this didn’t work for us. The event keeps on looping from start to end, ignoring the loop region.

We set our wav’s loop points using Sound Forge (tried both with markers and regions).
The event using this wav is cofigured as follows:

  • Mode: 2d
  • One Shot: Yes
  • 1 sound definition that has only 1 wav file (the one with the markers) with playback behaviour set as ‘SequentialEventRestart’
  • Sound instance porperties:
  • Start mode: Immediate
  • Loop mode: ‘Loop and play to end’
  • It has a parameter + sustain point
  • Parameter set to ‘one shot and stop event’.

Are events supposed to set their loop points automatically when the sound definitions have markers inside them? Do we need to set them manually when the sync point event is triggered?

The kind of behaviour I’m looking for is the same as if I had an event with three sound definitions, a one shot intro, a looped middle section with a sustain point and a one shot end section.

Thanks for the help.

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Any ideas on this subject?

Sorry for the "bump", but the sound designer would REALLY like to know whether this is possible or not.

Thanks in advance.

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