Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with segment playlist logic in the following music cue…

It starts on an "intro" segment, plays it once, then moves into a "verse" segment and plays the first music loop. If the song has not been told to stop yet, it moves to the "chorus" segment and plays the first music loop in this segment. If it still has not been stopped, it moves back to the "verse" and plays another music loop, and back to the "chorus" and so on… until Stop – then it plays the "outro" segment once and ends the cue.

In short, it should work like this:

Intro ->
Verse <-> Chorus –cycle between each until stop ->

(Intro has 1 file, Verse has 4 variation loops that are 8 bars each, chorus has 3 variation loops that are 4 bars each, and outro has 1 file.)

I have this set up and working, however the playlist logic for the "verse" and "chorus" segments don’t work properly – once it leaves a segment, it restarts the sequence of loops- it only plays the first loop in the sequence. If I set it to random or shuffled, it selects the same audio loop every time it visits the segment again.

Is it possible to setup a cue like this in Fmod’s music system?

[My temporary solution is to combine each verse loop with a chorus and just use a single segment, however, I’d like to set it up as described above if possible.]


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Hi TuxedoMonkey,

It is possible to have this setup.

If you send your project into support@fmod.org we’ll be able to help you sort out the logic.

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We actually decided to setup music a different way, although I’m still curious as to why the logic didn’t work in that way.
Thanks for the offer to help.

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