Hi, folks.
My sound card in Linux works as 100% Soundblaster Pro compatible(ESS1869 sound chip),
It means it supports only 8bit Stereo mode.
I downloaded Library version 3.6 for Linux and compiled example
named “Simple”, but got an error №6 (Soundcard does not support the features needed for this soundsystem) on FSOUND_Init call.
It’s strange because it worked fine with Libfmod v.3.5.
I’m using exactly same Linux configuration.

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Yes, i forgot to mention that ESS1869 works as 8bit card under Linux using OSS driver.
Moreover, I’ve compiled both examples with libfmod v3.5 & 3.6
and example which uses v3.5 library works fine but v.3.6 returns error №6 on FSOUND_Init. The only difference I’ve noticed that lib3.5 uses “Linux Generic OSS Driver” for output and lib3.6 uses “/dev/dsp” driver.

Is it possible to use access method to sound device as it used to be in previous version?

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