i have a 5.1 surround sound problem.

My project is for PC Windows . we want to use FMOD as our audio engine
If I have a Dolby Digital Live sound card installed on PC , can FMOD use Dolby Digital Live to encode AC3 ?

Is there something I must set up in FMOD Designer or FMOD api to use Dolby Digital Live to encode the AC3 ?

Or simply I use a asio multichannel sound card as the audio put device to output 6 channels .If I use this , what must i set up in FMOD Designer or FMOD api ?

Thanks !!

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Hi aduan,

FMOD fully supports all surround sound configurations. If your output device is set up with multiple channels FMOD will automatically set it’s output to match it.

Edit: I was mistaken you do have to set this up manually, try the following code before calling system init:

[code:jru7g7j2]FMOD_SPEAKERMODE speakermode;
result = system->getDriverCaps(0,0,0,0,&speakermode); // Get speaker mode for default driver.
result = system->setSpeakerMode(speakermode);

I expect that your soundcard would just appear as a multichannel output and do the dolby encoding internally, if not you can try setting the speaker mode to FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_PROLOGIC.

You do not need to use ASIO, although we do support that too if that is preferable.


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