Ok, this is what im doing:
I created a double array of FSOUND_STREAM, with the help of Brett :) But don’t I also have to allocate memory for each part in the array. For example in my LoadSong(); I have the following code:

// Load the Specified Song
for(int i = 0; i < NumOfSongs; i++)
Songs[i] = new (FSOUND_STREAM**);

Songs[SngNmbr] = FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile(sng, FSOUND_HW3D

But it doesn’t like me. 😕 Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. On my own it looks like FSOUND_STREAM** is wrong. But if don’t do that I get 2 errors instead of one. Now im know that i’m not the greatest programmer in the world, far from it in fact. But if I get something I get it. Could someone explain the what and why I am doing this wrong?

Thanks ahead of time for any assistance :)

I am using the WindowsXP, and VC 6.0.
Was reading the forum rules and was told to do this :)

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… darn… ok this is what happened… I am a HUGE retard. In my init function, i did this

bool InitSoundClass(void)
if(FSOUND_Init(44100, 32, 0))
return true;

//Then i allocated the memory here.

return false;

I was So conserned about the Load function that i didn’t even put a breakpoint around my init function. Thank you so much for your time and everlasting patiece with me. You don’t know what that means to me. :)

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Yeah, but when I do something like this:

Songs[SngNmbr] = FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile(sng, FSOUND_HW3D | FSOUND_LOOP_NORMAL, 0);

It crashes on me. So I thought that maybe I needed to reserve space for it. Because when it does that usually if forgot to do that. Is there anything I am doing wrong?

I though possibly that sng is NULL but it isn’t. I get an error basicly saying that I am trying to access 0x000000 or NULL. Some pointer isn’t right but i am sending it “frst.ogg” as a const char *. doesn’t seem right to me, but it takes a char * for the first param. I doubt sending it a string and using string.c_str() function would work.

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Yes, the file works with the player, and when I used the Basic Tutorial inside the Documentation using that that ogg file was just fine.

… as for in bounds… I’m don’t think so, though i don’t do any checks. Not very safe of me I know. 😳 Would FMUSIC_LoadSongMemory do this? Nevermind, thats stupid…

Also when i did this:
Songs[SngNmbr] = 0;

It still crashes in the same spot…

Thank you for your continued help also. I really appreciate it.

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