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[:12ycmwvx] + Event API – Added EventSystem::setLanguage. Now switch between languages on the fly! Only 1 FEV is needed and FSB files are generated automatically per language. See FMOD Designer release notes.[/:m:12ycmwvx][/list:u:12ycmwvx]

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Thanks for the bug report, it is fixed for the next release.

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… when using [b:1fmpiybh]CDDA[/b:1fmpiybh] (via [b:1fmpiybh]FMOD_System_PlaySound[/b:1fmpiybh])… thought I stated this, sorry

( in case you still need an example project: http://ctuser.net/_files/fmodcd.zip )

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I’m not sure I follow what you are saying causes the crash. Which language are you working with VB, C#, C or C++?
Which function is causing the troubles when you pass NULL for exinfo?

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Fine, works so far with the updated structure.
Checked it again and matches now those under api\inc\fmod.h, but seems to differ from api\csharp\fmod.cs

Still, passing NULL instead of the FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO causes to crash fmodex.

As I don’t need this enhanced informations, I really prefer to omit this parameter for compatibility issues (size of structure / additional fields).

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I’m assuming you are referring to visual basic here. I took a look at the wrapper code, and I can see the exinfo structure is out of date. We don’t really support this wrapper anymore, and I’m no VB6 expert but I have put an updated CREATESOUNDEXINFO structure below, just swap it in and it should work.


cbsize              As Long
Length              As Long
fileoffset          As Long
Numchannels         As Long
defaultfrequency    As Long
Format              As FMOD_SOUND_FORMAT
decodebuffersize    As Long
initialsubsound     As Long
Numsubsounds        As Long
inclusionlist       As Long
inclusionlistnum    As Long
pcmreadcallback     As Long
pcmsetposcallback   As Long
nonblockcallback    As Long
dlsname             As String
encryptionkey       As String
maxpolyphony        As Long
userdata            As Long
suggestedsoundtype  As FMOD_SOUND_TYPE
useropen            As Long
userclose           As Long
userread            As Long
userseek            As Long
userasyncread       As Long
userasynccancel     As Long
speakermap          As FMOD_SPEAKERMAPTYPE
initialsoundgroup   As Long
initialseekposition As Long
initialseekpostype  As FMOD_TIMEUNIT
ignoresetfilesystem As Long
cddaforceaspi       As Long
audioqueuepolicy    As Long
minmidigranularity  As Long

End Type

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with 4.33.02 to current (4.33.09), the [b:3fjh8s5k]FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO[/b:3fjh8s5k] parameter for FMOD_System_CreateSound [b:3fjh8s5k]may not be zero[/b:3fjh8s5k], or fmod causes an [color=#BF0000:3fjh8s5k][b:3fjh8s5k]read access violation[/b:3fjh8s5k][/color:3fjh8s5k]. (guess tries to access the cddaforceaspi member?)

Passing a zero memory block without setting the size member causes the function to fail properly, setting the size member and it succeeds.

BTW, the last members are, according to latest documentation (4.33.09):
[quote:3fjh8s5k]int [b:3fjh8s5k]cddaforceaspi[/b:3fjh8s5k];
unsigned int [b:3fjh8s5k]audioqueuepolicy[/b:3fjh8s5k];
unsigned int [b:3fjh8s5k]minmidigranularity[/b:3fjh8s5k];[/quote:3fjh8s5k]
However revision.txt states only
[quote:3fjh8s5k][b:3fjh8s5k]cddaforceaspi[/b:3fjh8s5k] (introduced with 4.33.02)
[b:3fjh8s5k]minmidigranularity[/b:3fjh8s5k] (introduced with 4.33.05)[/quote:3fjh8s5k]
and from my [b:3fjh8s5k]testing with cdda[/b:3fjh8s5k], size between 4.33.02 and 4.33.09 increased 4 bytes;
[quote:3fjh8s5k]4.33.02 to 4.33.04: total 4[b:3fjh8s5k]32[/b:3fjh8s5k] bytes
4.33.05 to 4.33.09: total 4
[b:3fjh8s5k]33[/b:3fjh8s5k] bytes
[/quote:3fjh8s5k]and [b:3fjh8s5k]specifying a larger size causes the function to fail[/b:3fjh8s5k]!

I’m not so familiar with c headers (and in vb6 the structure is still outdated)

BTW: The formating options for this forum should be hidden if "Disable BBCode" is checked, if confuses a bit

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