I have several questions to the FMOD lib.
I’m using VC6 and WinXP.

when i use:

channel = FSOUND_Stream_Play (FSOUND_FREE, stream);

i get the channel which is used for playing.
Next time i want to play the same stream on the same channel, i use:

int x = FSOUND_Stream_Play (channel, stream);

FMOD uses a new channel, why (means: x != channel)? This also apears when i use this code:

channel = FSOUND_Stream_Play (FSOUND_FREE, stream);
FSOUND_SetReserved (channel, FALSE);

int x = FSOUND_Stream_Play (channel, stream);

When I try to play the same stream multible times, the stream is not played.

if (FSOUND_IsPlaying (channel))
FSOUND_Stream_Stop (stream);

FSOUND_Stream_SetPosition (stream, 0);
FSOUND_Stream_Play (FSOUND_FREE, stream);

when i don’t use FSOUND_Stream_SetPosition, everything works fine, why?

Stream is opened with:
stream = FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile ((const char*) soundBuffer, FSOUND_LOADMEMORY, sampleSize);

Thanks for you help.

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