I’m alway doing my Ada binding for FMOD, but I’ve a little problem (one more time…).

Here’s the problem:

[code:1reyldpr]gnatbind -x simple.ali
gnatlink -lfmod simple.ali
./simple.o: In function ada_simple':
e:/ada/windows/tries/fmod360/samples/sample~3/simple.adb:291: undefined reference to
e:/ada/windows/tries/fmod360/samples/sample~3/simple.adb:322: undefined reference to FMUSIC_SetMasterSpeed@8'
e:/ada/windows/tries/fmod360/samples/sample~3/simple.adb:325: undefined reference to
gnatlink: cannot call C:\GNAT\bin\gcc.exe
gnatmake: *** link failed.[/code:1reyldpr]

I think that the SetMaxPlaybacks and SetMasterSpeed aren’t in the libfmod.a. Are they like the X-Box functions who aren’t in the .a file ? Or is that realy a problem with FMOD ?

And another, in the reference of FMUSIC_SetMasterSpeed:
[quote:1reyldpr]speed Speed scale for song. 1.0 is default. Minimum is 0 (stopped), maximum is 10.0.[/quote:1reyldpr]
Is the max value 10.0 or 1.0 ? (In the .h file, it’s only a “float”, the I don’t know…).
Just one more: the reference of FMUSIC_SetMasterSpeed and of FSOUND_Sample_SetMaxPlaybacks aren’t referenced in the browser or in the index of the fmod.chm file.

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Sorry for reply so late…

Then, I can create the file myself ? If it’s that, then there isn’t any more problem with that…

Thank you very much :)

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