I searched around for quite a bit but couldn’t find a suitable answer for my issue.

I have written a codec that is able to play an old chipset format.
Now, I want to be able to mute specific voices, increase/decrease the playspeed without changing the pitch, panning specific voices to emulate stereo and much more.

I have already implemented the methods to achieve this, the thing is that there are only a handfull of callbacks I can use.
Currently, I’m "abusing" the "SetPosition" callback with custom FMOD_TIMEUNITs to branch into the different functions.
But that’s really dirty and should only be the last remaining option to use.

So is there a much better way to exchange additional information between an application and a codec plugin?
I have to mention that my application is written in C# and thus can’t use any C / C++ specific tricks.

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