I’m currently leveraging FMOD for an iPhone application which has two modes. A media playback mode which streams music from the web and a recording mode which records samples using the microphone.

When I change between modes, I reinitialize FMOD to prevent any delays when the user wants to begin recording. This also changes the routing of the audio which is what I’m looking for.

The app begins in the "playback" mode which FMOD is initialized with FMOD_IPHONE_SESSIONCATEGORY_MEDIAPLAYBACK in the extra driver data. If you then switch to the "recording" mode, and subsequently reinit FMOD with FMOD_IPHONE_SESSIONCATEGORY_PLAYANDRECORD, then return to playback mode, the app crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS when initializing a stream from the web. If I stream a sound from the local disk after the switch back, everything works fine. The crash stack trace looks like this:

Program received signal: “EXC_BAD_ACCESS”.
[Switching to process 56748]
(gdb) bt

0 0x955b2591 in libinfoDSmig_Query ()

1 0xb009cff4 in ?? ()


I’ve tried everything to no avail. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Could you provide TTY output by linking with the logging version of FMOD?

Also if you could modify one of our examples to reproduce this behavior it will aid in debugging the problem for you.

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Hi tbraun,

Out iPhone guru is overseas at a conference, he will return on Tuesday the 7th September.

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