I want to increase the playback speed of my sound without changing the pitch.
Basically it works with doubling the freqency and adding a pitchshift of 0.5 like this:
Channel.getFrequency(ref BaseFrequency);
FMOD.DSP dsp=null;
System.createDSPByType(FMOD.DSP_TYPE.PITCHSHIFT, ref dsp);
dsp.setParameter((int)FMOD.DSP_PITCHSHIFT.PITCH, 0.5f);
FMOD.DSPConnection con=null;
Channel.addDSP(dsp, ref con);

But the result isn’t the best. Are there any other/better ways?

Also in a five year old thread it is mentioned that this area will be improved:

The cpu usage isn’t important for me.

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