We have a scene in our game, where the player turns on a radio and music starts playing (mono, 3D panned from radio position, processed to sound like it’s coming from a speaker). As a narrative device, the music should smoothly morph into full quality music played in 2D.

I proceeded as follows:
[list=1:1b6y29rg][:1b6y29rg]I created a 3-channel .wav file, which contains the mono speaker music on Channnel 0, and the stereo music on channels 1 and 2.[/:m:1b6y29rg]
[:1b6y29rg]I created an Event that is set to play in 3D by default. The 2D Speaker settings play full volume at L and R, and 0 on other speakers.[/:m:1b6y29rg]
[:1b6y29rg]I added a Channel Mix effect, which controls Channel 0 and Channels 1-2, and use them to crossfade from 0 to 1+2 with envelopes.[/:m:1b6y29rg]
[:1b6y29rg]I added a 3D Pan level effect to morph the 3D mono sound to a 2D stereo sound.[/:m:1b6y29rg][/list:o:1b6y29rg]

This is where I ran into a problem: when 3D Pan level is reduced to 0 (ie 2D), the sound’s volume also drops to 0.

I also tried this with a 4-channel .wav (mono on tracks 0-1) to see if the number of channels was the problem. Same issue. Then I tried reconfiguring the 3-channel wav (0: stereo left; 1: stereo right; 2: mono) and re-configuting Channel Mix accordingly. Still the same problem.

I also tried to morph a normal 2-channel stereo wav from 3D to 2D. This works OK: it can be 3D panned, but morphed to 3D. It just seems like I cannot combine Channel Mix with 3D Pan Level? Is there actually any way to assign channels to speakers? How do the speakers get assigned on multi-channel wavs?

(unfortunately, due to the way our game’s audio engine is implemented, I cannot use FMOD DSP to create the speaker effect)

Thank you for your time.

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Found the solution by reading the documentation. :)

  • I have to use a 4-channel file (with the mono channels duplicated in channels 0-1)
  • .. and go to the Wave Banks menu, right click the 4-channel wav, and set its channel setup to "2 x stereo".

… and then it works!

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