I just found fmod and it looks great for my needs. Before you dismiss this newbie post, let me say I am not looking for code or for someone to write my app for me, I just want some guidance on which parts I should be learning.

I have a few needs that I think fmod can help with.
[:2ui1u95t]Recording From the microphone to disk.[/:m:2ui1u95t]
[:2ui1u95t]Custom looping of the recorded audio.[/:m:2ui1u95t]
[:2ui1u95t]Applying effects to the track on disk[/:m:2ui1u95t]
[:2ui1u95t]Mixing two tracks and saving back to disk[/:m:2ui1u95t][/list:o:2ui1u95t][/b:2ui1u95t]
[b:2ui1u95t]For 1[/b:2ui1u95t]: I found the record to disk example app so I have that taken care of, I think.
[b:2ui1u95t]For 2[/b:2ui1u95t]: I need a better loop than just restarting when the track ends. What I desire is to cut a few seconds off the end of the track and create a second track with this ending pasted in the front. Then I want a fade-out of the second (end) track while the original track fades in. In my experience, this is a good self-cross-fading method that creates good loops. I have no idea how to even start in going about this.
[b:2ui1u95t]For 3[/b:2ui1u95t]: The included example app shows how to apply effect adequately. I think I will not need assistance here.
[b:2ui1u95t]For 4[/b:2ui1u95t]: I want to mix the tracks found in part 2 so that they combine to form 1 track that can be played as a normal loop (re-starting the track as soon as the other one ends) using the basic iPhone AudioPlayer.

These are the things I need to do and I am willing to read and learn, but I have no idea where to look and am not even sure if what I think I need to learn about fmod is the best way to accomplish what I need to do.

Can anybody give me a little guidance on how you would implement the above 4 tasks, and where I might look to learn more about it?

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