I’m having trouble getting EventParameter::setValue() to affect blending on a multi-track streaming FSB in Windows. Adjusting the parameter in Designer has the expected result, but when I play the event in code using Event::start() and then try to set the only parameter using setValue(), the call doesn’t have any effect. In this code block, getValue returns 0.f even though I called setValue(1.f) immediately before:

r = pParam->setValue(1.f); ASSERT(r == FMOD_OK);

float value;
r = pParam->getValue(&value); ASSERT(r == FMOD_OK);

I thought [url:cmjwhmqc]http://www.fmod.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10928&highlight=setvalue[/url:cmjwhmqc] might be the answer, since the parameter was originally named "layer" and that sounds like it could be reserved, but renaming it didn’t affect the results. I’ve also checked getInfo(), getRange(), and getSeekSpeed(), and they all return values that match the info in Designer, so I believe I’m trying to change the correct parameter.

I must be missing something obvious. Any idea what it might be?


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Hi Chris,

That is quite strange, can you show the code where you get the event and also get the parameter?

Also, can you try loading your project in FMOD EventPlayer to confirm that all the content is correct and the parameter works as expected?

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