We have a project with multiple languages (5) and when building with a batch programme – which just loads up the designer and selects the various drop down lanuage options, building them to sub folders specified – we get rogue English wavs in with the Spanish/German/Italian etc. language packages.
The other language wavs are identical in file name to the English language ones.
And it will play the English version of what should be the Spanish line from the Spanish package.
However, when building a single language from the designer then rouge wavs will not be present in the resulting package and it works, equally previewing the wavs in FMOD and testing the source files all works fine.

So it would seem like when we ask FMOD to batch build these languages it somehow get the wavs wrong…

For each language the VO wavs are divided into sub folder per character, and there have been aditional sub folder added too. These are each mirrored for the different languages, but would this be an issue?

Any ideas please, or similar experiences?

We’re running 4.31.04

Many thanks,


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