Hi all,

I’ve got an interactive music project up and running that in general is doing what i need, but not entirely. I was hoping that one of the FMOD gurus might be able to help me out. We’re closing in on a deadline when i have to have the combat music system up and running by, so any assistance as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.

I guess i should start by telling you what IS working,and how i’ve currently got the cues/themes/parameters set up. I’ve also provided links to screenshots of my project. [url:hqkeubs4]http://gallery.me.com/slipperhero/100012[/url:hqkeubs4]

The project currently contains 4 cues, 4 themes, and 2 parameters.

  • Combat music cue/theme
  • Flourish cue/theme
  • Stop music cue/theme
  • Transition cue/theme
  • Music intensity parameter
  • Flourish type parameter

Basically we have 3 levels of combat music intensity (low, medium, high). Each of these intensities has multiple audiofiles which are contained in a segment playlist. 1 segment for low, 1 for medium etc. The 3 segments are contained in 1 theme, using the early transition feature and a parameter to determine which segment should be played (according to gameplay intensity).
When a transition from 1 intensity to another is called via the Music intensity parameter, the Transition cue is triggered, which plays a cymbal swell audiofile in order to mask any unmusical transitions going from one segment to another. Works pretty nicely.
Flourishes work as you would imagine, according to a flourish type parameter.
The Stop music cue/theme contains no audio files, ad is just used to fade out the music when combat is over.

So all of this works pretty nicely, but I’m stuck on a few issues.

  1. Currently all audiofiles within each segment playlist have been exactly the same duration (140bpm 16 bars for instance). But i want the flexibility to have files of diferent durations included in each intensity. For instance there could be 4 Low intensity files; 1 of 16 bars, 1 of 20 bars, 1 of 12 bars etc. Obviously this means i can’t include all of the files in a segment playlist, as they have different durations. What’s the best way of doing this without having to change my existing project too drastically? Esentially i want to achieve exactly the same thing as before, so that when a particular music intensity is called one of the four audio files within the playlist would be randomly selected. I guess each audio file would need it’s own segment, each of them also set to Start segments, but i have no idea how to implement this.

  2. Fade in. As you see i already have an acceptable method for fading out the music when combat finishes, but i also want to ensure the music fades in when it is first triggered, irrelevant if the intensity starts at low, medium or high.

  3. Adding "play in between the loops" segments when looping around 1 intensity. Say for instance the intensity parameter does not change for a long period of time, so we remain in Low intensity for a while. Instead of simply jumping from one of the four low intensity audiofiles to the next I’d like to have a couple of "play in between the loops" segments. These would be short 1 or 2 bar sections just to keep things interesting, that would play before the next Low intensity loop plays.

  4. Adding complexity to the Stop music theme. Instead of just fading out the music using the empty Stop theme and cue, I’d like to include a Stop Music segment in the theme. However i’d like to have a different stop segment depending on which intensity was currently playing.

So hopefully somebody out there can provide me with a simple "monkey see-monkey do" solution for my above questions.
Here’s that link again to screenshots of my project. [url:hqkeubs4]https://www.me.com/gallery/#100012[/url:hqkeubs4]

Much obliged for any assistance,


Audio Director

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I case that link directs you to multiple galleries, it’s the "FMOD screenshots" gallery you’re after.

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