hi everyone , I have some basic problem for start to use FMOD Ex.

Before start the issue,this my system.
Windows 7 64bit
Ram 4GB
P5N32E – SLI with Highdef Audio.
Software – VS 2010

The Issue.
I can’t Init FMOD Ex in my DLL Project.
Error – > FMOD_ERR_MEMORY ( after Systen->Init(…) )

I tried to use simple declare variable in main class.
I tried to create new FMOD Manage class.
I tried to inherit the FMOD Manage class to Main class.
I tried to use STATIC class and static member …
I tried to pass variable everyway….
I tried to Init with FMOD WIKI Example.
I tried to SEARCH but no have the way to solve my solution ( i found many and many fmod.h detials in google it not usefull for me.)

all tried FAILED to INIT FMOD !!.

all path of Configuration is Correct.

BUT !!! [size=150:1n6wylco]i got 2 time [/size:1n6wylco], can play sound from 24 hr tried to use FMOD.

BUT again .. after i change method to play sound, it got ERROR again
and after reuse old method it can’t play sound too. ??

Please Help Me.
Thank you all visitor 😀


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hi again,i can solved the proplem and i confuse in something.

My Solved >>

1.Create new DLL contains FMOD + my sound manager(ZPSOUNDMANAGE.DLL).

2.CALL Init FMOD by myapp.EXE Direct pass the DLL.

3.Pass ZPSOUNDMANAGE Pointer from myapp.EXE to GAME.DLL for control all sounds in game.

My Confuse >>

If i declare the class CONTAINS FMOD Ex last of declaration zone
FMOD Init will be FAIL to Init ( all of first declare all of DLL and GAME ENGINE no have something use FMOD ) :(

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