I have run a few searches on this board and I am getting a sinking feeling about this, but I thought I would ask the question anyway, in case someone can help.

I have an urgent requirement to be able to play MP3 files from within a C++ application that is running on Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

The application is actually developed using the QT API but, their Phonon implementation does not seem to work with WINCE and the general consensus seems to be that not only is it broken, but it is not likely to be fixed any time soon! I think Nokia now have bigger fish to fry!

I hit Google and found a number of threads suggesting that the easiest way to play MP3 files on WINCE was to use FMOD. The problem is those threads were all a couple of years old and I think they were referring to the version 3 API and legacy versions of CE?

The searches that I made on this forum seemed to suggest that CE was no longer supported and I did not detect much enthusiasm for it. (I cannot say I am surprised, CE is a horrible platform to develop for, but I am stuck with it, and I have to find some solution!!!) :-(

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get MP3 files to play using CE. I am happy to try and build an old API if that is likely to work? I just need some pointers about which version is likely to be best and where I might find some source code to compile.

Any help would be much appreciated, I am looking for ANY solution that will work, I don’t mind how hacked the solution is, as long as it can be made to work reliably on the hardware that I have.



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Hi Tim,

I think your best bet would be FMOD 3.75 which is the final version of FMOD3. Obviously it hasn’t been tested with any recent version of Windows CE, however it is a very solid library, many applications have shipped with FMOD3. Be aware it is no longer officially supported but if you post in the FMOD3 section of the forums you might get some help/

Download links are here:

For licensing inquires email:

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