In our engine, all resources (materials, meshes, …) are loaded and installed on a ‘installer’ thread and we guarantee that those resources can not be used from other threads until they are not ready.

Read in the fmod doc : "Do not call FMOD commands from different threads! This will lead to instability, corruption and possible crashes […], so at this time FMOD Ex is remaining ‘not thread safe’ for the time being."

We want to know if it’s allowed or forbidden to load FMOD::Sound and/or FMOD::EventProject (with System::createSound and EventSystem::load) from our "installer’ thread knowing that all other fmod commands (EventSystem::update, EventProject::getEvent, Event::start) are called from the ‘game’ thread.


notes :
– we ensure that we won’t get or play an event from a FMOD::EventProject that is not completely loaded, but we may get or play an event from an installed FMOD::EventProject.
– we cannot work with a single ‘fev’ file because we have an open world, and each sectors can have different sounds each others.

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