//dsp is a working DSP effect added in runtime.
int numparams = 0;
dsp.getNumParameters(ref numparams);
Log("Parameter Count: " + numparams);
IntPtr namePtr = new IntPtr(), labelPtr = new IntPtr();
float min = 0f, max = 0f;
StringBuilder stringBuilder;
for (int j = 0; j < numparams; j++)
stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(16);
dsp.getParameterInfo(j, ref namePtr, ref labelPtr, stringBuilder, 16, ref min, ref max);
Log(string.Format("Name:{0} Label:{1} Min:{2} Max:{3}", Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi(namePtr), Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi(labelPtr), min, max));

This code is crashing at the getParameterInfo call. Any hints on whats wrong?
The dsp effect is working and getNumParameters is returning 4.

FModEx version 43200.

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