I’ve been playing with the multichannel technique using the Channel Mix effect. Apart from the PITA finding an app on the Mac that deals well with all the steps of creating multichannel wavs (I’m doing: Logic->sox->SoundTrackPro and then AmadeusPro to add cue points since SoundTrackPro just loses them!)

I have this working OK with four channels in Designer and in code via the API. I have a simple test with four tracks: drums, bass, piano, horns and I’ve set up a paramater to control each of these tracks so each parameter has a Channel Mix effect with a different setting. Of course in the wavebank the file is set up as 4 x Mono. I have the "2D Speaker C" property set to 0dB (rather than the default -60dB) for this to work, which makes sense.

Moving this up to an 8 track file (set to 4 x Stereo) works fine in Designer but I can’t get the equivalent code in the API to mix the tracks via the parameters. Regardless of what I do it just plays the first two tracks (0 and 1). Looking in the profiler the wavetable unit shows believable looking levels on all eight channels as does the DSPHead unit connected to it (then two channels all the way up to the sound card). I assume "2D Speaker L" and "2D Speaker R" for the event just need to be on 0dB (I’ve got "2D Speaker C" on 0dB too in any case).

Of course one change in code was that I had to set the maxinputchannels above the deafult of 6 i.e.:

ERRCHECK(system->getSoftwareFormat(&samplerate, &format, &numoutputchannels, &maxinputchannels, &resamplemethod, &bits));
ERRCHECK(system->setSoftwareFormat(samplerate, format, numoutputchannels, 8, resamplemethod));

But other than that it’s the same as far as I can see.

I was on API 4.32.01 but have checked on API 4.32.09 and it’s the same.

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