Hi guys,

I currently have a system that plays stereo wav samples one after the other. They are stitched together to create one seamless stream of music. Sometimes these samples are also played together on top of each other (e.g. bass sample on top of a drum sample).

To save space and memory, I’m thinking of converting some (not all) of these [b:285cpghw]stereo[/b:285cpghw] samples into [b:285cpghw]mono[/b:285cpghw]. My questions are:

a) does FMOD allow me to play [b:285cpghw]both[/b:285cpghw] mono and stereo samples through the same system?
b) can they be played after each other or at the same time?
c) does it make a difference if I play the sounds as samples or streams?



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a) Yes
b) Yes
c) There are some gotchas with streams, but, in general, no, it doesn’t matter.

The gotchas with streams are that, because the FMOD::Sound* for a stream stores the file pointer, you can only play each stream once at a time. You can, of course, open multiple streams into the same file to play it more than once. (And, of course, you can always restart the sound from the same stream.)

There are a few other minor differences, but, in general, you can treat streams and sounds the same.

Hope that helps!

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